Episode 50 Traditional Demand Generation is Broken. There is a better way to Improve Win Rates

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Demand Generation is a broad marketing practice aimed at creating awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. It involves using various tactics across numerous channels, such as content marketing, social media ads, and more 

While the practice has been around for as long as brands have existed, it has undergone some significant changes and formalization over the past few decades. 

One of the catalysts for the changing sales landscape since the advent of digital has been: 

Decentralization of information. In the past, companies were primarily the holders of information about products, services and they used traditional marketing materials to promote them. The internet and digital technologies allowed information to become widely available and this shift gave rise to new platforms and channels of communication: communities, micro influencers, podcasts, closed Slack groups etc. 

Now companies had to adjust their marketing and demand generation --- instead of solely relying on one-way communication they had to engage with potential customers in a more interactive and personalized way. 

Digital technologies also led to the development of new tools and techniques like marketing automation, predictive analytics, customer intelligence to refine the process of demand generation to make things more targeted and efficient. 

Matthew Trotter says things NOW things are shifting again: 

The buyer journey is evolving –  80% of it is happening digitally, prior to engagement with the sales team Gartner Says 80% of B2B Sales Interactions Between Suppliers and Buyers Will Occur in Digital Channels by 2025 

The traditional way of thinking about your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) also needs to change 

What is the new order for demand generation? What do sales teams need to do to improve their win rates to keep up with the evolving buyer journey? 

Matthew Trotter has 25 years of experience in technology sales & consulting, He is an expert in data, AI, and cloud solutions, with a proven track record of designing, positioning, selling, and delivering large-scale and complex IT programs and projects for the largest enterprises  
Matthew is a high-performance Sales Coach and is the co-founder of Signal Led Sales, a groundbreaking sales framework aimed to help GTM teams address selling challenges within the digital buyer journey.  

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Hessie Jones
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Matthew Trotter
Cofounder, Signal Led Sales
Episode 50 Traditional Demand Generation is Broken. There is a better way to Improve Win Rates
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